Mid Sagittal Plane Extraction from Brain MRI


Automatic segmentation of cerebral hemispheres in magnetic resonance (MR) brain images help to quantify the brain asymmetry and correct several MR brain deformities. The detection of mid- sagittal plane (MSP) in human brain image is necessary to segment the hemispheres for both operator- based and automated brain image asymmetric analysis. In this paper a computationally simple and accurate technique to detect MSP in MRI human head scans using curve fitting is developed. The left and right hemispheres are segmented based on the detected MSP. The accuracy of the MSP is evaluated by comparing the segmented left and right hemispheres against the manually segmented ones. Experimental results using 78 volumes of T1, T2 and PD-weighted MRI brain images show that the proposed method has accurately segmented the cerebral hemispheres based on the detected MSP in axial and coronal orientations of normal and pathological brain images.

Mid sagittal plane (MSP) Extraction - Examples

Our fast and automatic mid saggital extraction method provides a better separations for brain MRI images, it differentiates the left and right hemispheres clearly. Input images, slices from brain MR imagery. MSP as straight line (mid-line, white line) and curve (proposed, yellow line) in 2D MRI slice; (a) T1-weighted image (b) T2- weighted image and (c) PD-weighted image.


P. Kalavathi, V. B. S. Prasath. Automatic segmentation of cerebral hemispheres in MR human head scans. International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology - Neuroimaging and Brain Mapping, 26(1), 15-23, March 2016. doi:10.1002/ima.22152

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