Multiregion Multiscale Image Segmentation with Anisotropic Diffusion


We present a multiregion image segmentation approach which utilizes multiscale anisotropic diffusion based scale spaces. By combining powerful edge preserving anisotropic diffusion smoothing with isolevel set linking and merging, we obtain coherent segments which are tracked across multiple scales. A hierarchical tree representation of the given input image with progressively simplified regions is used with intra-scale splitting and inter-scale merging for obtaining multiregion segmentations. Experimental results on natural and medical images indicate that multiregion, multiscale image segmentation (MMIS) approach obtains coherent segmentation results. 

Vectorial Multiscale Diffusion with Inter-Scale Linking [1]

(a) Scale space, T = 500 (b) Intra-scale splitting, shown at t = 300 (c) Inter-scale linking

BSDS500 Segmentation Examples [2]

Cardiac CT and Brain MRI Segmentation Examples [2]


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