Lab Members

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Surya is the PI of the lab, but the students below are the ones who really do all the works. Outside of the lab, he enjoys spending time with his family, reading books… and creating new awesome (at least he thinks they are awesome, we know otherwise) concoctions by mixing various brewed coffee with whatever lying around...


Smruti Deoghare

PhD Student, BMI, CCHMC

Preparing Future Faculty Certificate Program (2020)

MRes: University of Bath, UK (2015) Evolutionary Biology

BS: St. Xavier's College, University of Mumbai, India (2011)

Evolutionary Biology

Awards: UC TA Award (2019), BMI Teaching Fellowship (2019), UC GSG Interdisciplinary Research Fellowhship (2019), Travel Award (ACNN Big Data Neuroscience Workshop 2019), UC Creative Arts Gallery Winner (2019)

Key Words: radiomics, machine learning, computational biology

Balaji Iyer

PhD Student, EECS, UC

MS: University of Cincinnati (2018) Machine Learning and Signal Processing

BE: University of Pune, India (2008)

Awards: UC GSG Interdisciplinary Research Fellowhship (2020), UC IQ-Epitch Elevator Pitch Winner (2020), Travel Award (ACNN Big Data Neuroscience Workshop 2019)

Key Words: machine learning, deep learning, imaging informatics, computational biology

Ruby Liu

MS Student, EECS, UC

MS: New York University (2019)

Computer Science

BS: Beijing University of Technology (2018)

Key Words: histopathology, machine learning, deep learning

Phuc Ngyuen


BS: University of Cincinati (2025)

Biomedical Engineering

Awards: UC Global Scholarship, UC CEAS International Outreach Scholarship, Odon Vallet Vietnam National Scholarship Winner for Distinguished Students (2020), First Prize in the Ho Chi Minh City Regional Physics Competition (2020)

Key Words: medical image processing, radiomics, machine learning

Vatsal Nanda


BTech: Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology (2023)

Computer Science

Key Words: radiomics, denoising, deep learning

Anugunj Naman


BTech: IIIT Guwahati (2022)

Computer Science

Key Words: machine learning, data science, neuroimaging

Prashant Ghimire

Industry Intern

Computer Vision Engineer

BTech: Kathmandu University (2019) Electrical and Electronics

Awards: Erasmus+ fellowship

Key Words: computer vision, video analytics, machine learning

Viji Nambiar


MS: Christ University (2021)


Key Words: mathematical image analysis, deep learning

Vasundhara Acharya


MTech: Manipal Institute Technology (2017)

Software Engineering

BE: NITTE University, India (2015)

Information Science

Key Words: medical image processing, radiomics, machine learning

Aniruddha Shekara

Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP)

Key Words: machine learning, imaging informatics

Krish Ranjan

High School Intern

Indian Hill High School, Cincinnati OH

Key Words: medical image processing, cell segmentation


PhD Students

Smruti Deoghare (4th year PhD, BMI, CCHMC)

Balaji Iyer (2nd year PhD, EECS, UC)

MS Students

Xiaoxuan (Ruby) Liu (2nd year MS, EECS, UC)

Aniruddha Shekara (MSTP, UC - Jointly with Judith Dexheimer)

Visiting/Remote Internship/Undergraduate/High School Students

Vasundhara Acharya (Intern - 2021, EECS) - Moving to RPI, Troy NY.

Phuc Ngoc Thien Ngyuen (Intern - 2021, Undergraduate, EECS, UC)

Vatsal Nanda (Intern - 2020-2021, Undergraduate, Thapar Institute, India)

Anugunj Naman (Intern - 2021, CS, IIIT Guwahati)

Prashant Ghimire (Industry Intern - 2021)

Ravi Bandaru (High School Student - 2021, William Mason High School)

Krish Ranjan (High School Student - 2021, Indian Hill High School)

MS in EE, Mie University, Japan (Jointly with Hiroharu Kawanaka and Bruce Aronow Labs)

Daiki Katsuma, Shunsuke Okubo, Ginga Sumi, Riku Nakagaki

Prasath Lab Alumni

Ravi Yadav (MS, EECS, UC) - Research Fellow - 2019-2020

Harshith Bondada (MS, EECS, UC) - 2018 - 2019

Srinivasa Siddhartha Selagamsetty (MS, EECS, UC) - 2018 - 2019

Samuel W. Hacker (SURF Program, BMI, Undergraduate, University of Kentucky) - Summer 2019

Rotation Students Alumni

Guangyuan (Frank) Li (Nathan Salomonis Lab - Summer 2020)

Faiz Rizvi (Emily Miraldi Lab - Summer 2019)

Dez Yalom (Bruce Aronow Lab - Summer 2019)

Visiting/Remote Internship Students Alumni

Daisuke Saito, Shu Isaka, Tomohiro Hayakawa, Kiichi Fukuma, Asami Yonekura (MS in EE, Mie University, Japan)

Rushikesh Deotale, Shreyash Rawat (Currently at Graduate Student, Carnegie Mellon University, PA, USA), Harsh Panday, Venkat Mukthineni, Rahul Mukthineni, A Pranav, Divya Sharma, Montek Singh, Utkarsh Bajpai, Shiv Bidani (BTech, VIT University, India, jointly with V. Vijayarajan - School of Computer Science and Engineering)

Other Lab Students/Postdocs/Fellows previously worked and currently working with the Prasath Lab on ML/DL/AI applications

Alejandra M Casar Berazaluce (Fellow, Surgical Services - Todd Ponsky Lab) - Currently Resident at UT Health San Antonio General Surgery, TX, USA

Aishwarya Kulkarni (MS/PhD student, Nathan Salomonis Lab) - Currently Statistical Programmer, STATKING Clinical Services, OH, USA

Manan Shah (Fellow, Neonatal and Perinatal Medicine - Kevin Dufendach Lab) - Currently Instructor at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Rutgers, NY, USA

Guangyuan (Frank) Li, Kairavee Thakkar (PhD students, Nathan Salomonis Lab)

Kang Jin (PhD student, Bruce Aronow Lab)

Faiz Rizvi, Tareian Cazares (PhD students, Emily Miraldi Lab)

Nicholas Szugye (Fellow, Cardiology, Heart Institute - Ryan Moore Lab)

We are always looking for motivated students to join us. If you are interested in joining our lab please contact us!

International Visiting/Remote Internship Students - Hiroharu Kawanaka Group @ Mie University, Japan

Daiki Katsuma, Shunsuke Saito

Shu Isaka

Asami Yonekura, Hiroharu Kawanaka

Kiichi Fukuma