Polyp Detection and Segmentation in Video Capsule Endoscopy

A Review


Complete Bibliography - Compiled and Continuously Updated (as of June 2017)


Video capsule endoscopy (VCE) is used widely nowadays for visualizing the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Capsule endoscopy exams are prescribed usually as an additional monitoring mechanism and can help in identifying polyps, bleeding, etc. To analyze the large scale video data produced by VCE exams automatic image processing, computer vision, and learning algorithms are required. Recently, automatic polyp detection algorithms have been proposed with various degrees of success. Though polyp detection in CT colonoscopy and other traditional endoscopy procedure based images is becoming a mature field, due to its unique imaging characteristics detecting polyps automatically in VCE is a hard problem. We review different polyp detection approaches for VCE imagery and provide systematic analysis with challenges faced by standard image processing and computer vision methods.


Since the topic is new it is possible to trace everything that has been published about it since the start of video capsule endoscopy. To the best of my knowledge this bibliography represents all available publications on this topic to date, I will revise this document and bring it up to date once in six months.

Methods: detection, localization/segmentation, holistic.


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Theses: (Theses PDFs are available online at their respective university websites - please email me if you require a copy)

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